Water has always fascinated and inspired mankind. As an essential element for all forms of life on our planet, water has been the source of many myths and legends throughout the world. Even today, despite the work of Masaru Emoto on the memory of water or more recently, the work "Blue mind" on the soothing virtues of water by Nichols Wallace J., the power of creation and transformation of water still seems to be elusive.

Through her immersive and almost invigorating paintings, Lea invites us to reconnect with water and nature - a way of reconnecting with our own source and origins in order to understand living things with more respect and unity.

In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans; in one aspect of you are found all the aspects of existence Khalil Gibran

Brushes on watercolour painting, next to palette
Artist Léa Poisson in her home studio


Like a fish in water...

From her first steps on the Brittany coast, a childhood made of incessant comings and goings with the emerald sea, this young, self-taught artist has finally settled in Lisbon, Portugal, where she draws her inspiration from the ocean. Like the water, her mostly bluish paintings inspire calmness or turbulence. Her works mixing watercolor and acrylic are all united by a precise and characteristic drawing style.

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